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Exciting Wild Garlic Spring Recipes from Bowden House B&B

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Decided to make the most of the magnificent Spring weather today by foraging along the banks of the River Tweed with my lovely friend, Sue-Anne, from #SisterStay. Warm sunshine on our backs and sparkling on the water's surface, birdsong in the air, clumps of daffodils surrounding the trees and the first tender leaves of #wild #garlic just waiting to be cooked up into something delicious. We picked several big handfuls and spent a really fun and productive afternoon experimenting with a couple of amazing #Spring #recipes that I would like to share with you.

Wild Garlic Soup

2 onions

2 small potatoes

6 handfuls of wild garlic or more if you're worried about vampires

a couple of handfuls of fresh spinach (according to taste)

some good stock

150ml double cream

dry roasted pumpkin seeds

Chop the onion and potatoes and fry until golden

Add the spinach and wild garlic

Pour in the stock and cook until the leaves are well wilted

Blend the soup and add the double cream

Garnish with a spoonful of roasted pumpkin seeds

Enjoy - it is delicious!

Homemade Wild Garlic Pesto

wild garlic

spinach and parsley or basil, if you like (to take the edge off the sharp garlic taste)

roasted walnuts

grated parmesan

virgin olive oil - quite a bit to get the right texture

pepper and salt

Mix the leaves with plenty of olive oil and use a blender to create a smooth paste. Add the walnuts and parmesan and seasoning to taste. If it is too garlicky for you, add more olive oil and spinach/parsley/basil. You will have to do a bit of tasting to find the right combination of nuts, cheese and leaves to create the pesto of your choice and taste. The result is a brilliant, easy to make pesto....absolutely wonderful in pasta dishes, over oven roasted chicken breasts or for a little extra zing .....with wraps and salads.

Fill clean jars and use within two weeks or freeze. An absolutely amazing pesto and loads of fun to create!

We wish you lots of success experimenting with these recipes and look forward to hearing how you get on.

Warm wishes,

Uta & Sue-Anne

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