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Don't miss the equine spectacle of the year - Common Ridings 2018 in the Scottish Borders

Updated: May 9, 2023

Every summer the towns of the Scottish Borders stage the Common Ridings, one of the oldest equestrian festivals in the world. The ridings aren’t just an unforgettable spectacle of horsemanship, pageantry and community spirit; they are a custom upheld with real fervour by locals in homage to the region’s unique identity, shaped in part by its tumultuous past.

The Scottish Borders Common Riding events celebrate the remarkable history of the region, upholding ancient traditions with hundreds of horses and their riders gathering in 11 of the region’s towns over the course of the summer, in an unforgettable equine spectacle.

In addition to the riding, there are a whole host of activities and associated celebrations that young people and families can get involved in. Each Borders town takes its turn, throughout June, July and August, to bring their communities together and take part in local celebrations involving everything from theatre to athletics and from gymkanas to dancing the reel. Many of the festivals involve young people with local school children and community groups taking a leading role in the celebrations.

The re-establishment of the Borders Railway means that the traditional Borders Common Ridings and festivals are now more accessible than ever before.

Paula Ward, VisitScotland Regional Leadership Director, said: “During the Year of Young People, I would encourage young people and families from all over Scotland to make the journey on the Borders Railway to experience what is truly one of the country’s best kept secrets and a fantastic day out to boot.

“The #Common #Ridings are one of the #oldest #equestrian #festivals in the world and a wonderful spectacle to witness. Their many association traditions and celebrations also offer fantastic opportunities for visitors, especially families, to get involved, and not just on horseback!

“Where else in the country can you wake up to the sound of a pipe band and witness hundreds of horses and their riders gallop across the dramatic landscape of the Scottish Borders. And this can be topped off with great music, dancing in the street and fancy dress competitions - all in one day!

“The Common Ridings and summer festivals are iconic events in the Scottish Borders, which people from across the world visit every year.

“With the Borders Railway, it is now even easier to access much of the Borders so I would encourage people of all ages who have not experienced one of our festivals to see for themselves what a fantastic day out it is.”

So do not wait and take part in the 2018 Common Ridings events - experience the Scottish Borders at their best.

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(source: ftn news, 29.05.2018 by Ozgur Tore &

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