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Discover the Scottish Borders by E-Bike with Bowden House B&B

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

With undulating hills and historic castles and ruins around every corner, cycling the Scottish Borders is an exhilarating experience, but some may be put off by the prospect of long miles and the occasional hill climb. Look no further than e-bikes! For those wanting a more relaxed experience that still packs in all the views, why not consider hiring an E-bike for your Scottish cycling trip? We’ve partnered with Borders Ebike Hire to enable everyone to explore the Scottish Borders. Whether you want a fun holiday activity for a couple of hours, or you plan to do the full 4 Abbeys Cycling Route, e-bikes are a convenient and eco-friendly way to explore this stunning part of Scotland, whatever your fitness level.

What Makes an E-Bike Unique?

An E-Bike combines all the features of a regular bicycle with an additional advantage—a battery-powered motor to assist you during your journey. With an E-Bike, you can effortlessly conquer the hilly terrain of the Southern Uplands and travel distances of 40 to 90 miles per day, depending on your desired level of assistance. Feel like a super athlete as you glide through the scenery, turbo-boost your way up hills, or simply embrace a more leisurely experience pedalling through our magnificent landscape.

Affordable E-bike Rentals

Borders Ebike Hire offers E-bike rentals at an extremely affordable rate, with discounts if booking over several days.

Unparalleled Convenience at Bowden House B&B

Bowden House B&B is the perfect spot for your next cycling holiday in Scotland. We aim to provide a seamless cycling experience for our guests, helping you hire the e-bikes and plan your route, with packed lunches available upon request! If you’re bringing your own bike, our facilities include secure storage and drying areas specifically designed for cyclists, ensuring your equipment remains safe and ready for your next day's cycling adventure.

Don't Miss Out on E-bike Exploration

The Scottish Borders are ready for your next cycling adventure! Embrace the opportunity to discover this captivating region, whatever your fitness level, with e-bikes. Whether you're visiting for the scenery, the history, or the adventure, E-biking in the Scottish Borders has it all. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your helmet, hop on an E-bike, and embark on an unforgettable journey through our breathtaking landscapes.

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