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Christmas Thoughts

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

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It is that time of the year again- the weather gets colder but somehow the hearts get warmer and the longing to spend time with good friends and family gets greater. Time continues to reveal itself as the most important thing to be spent wisely.

I have fond memories of the little joys in the various periods of lockdown - lovely little surprises and precious moments spent with neighbours, friends and strangers who brought smiles to my days. I’m so grateful for my family and that I was able to spend so much of 2020 with them. Time, we otherwise would not have shared together. The community spirit in our wee village was another incredible experience. Everybody looked out for each other and gave a helping hand whenever needed. Food deliveries were organised, items in short supply shared and news and gossip posted on the famous "Bowden Banter" - a great way to get to know your community. Keeping a positive outlook was difficult at times but focusing on the little wonders in life brightened up even the dullest winter days.

Against all odds, Bowden House B&B enjoyed a very short summer season with returning guests and delightful new visitors who made it worthwhile to open our doors again. New rules and regulations challenged us to find ways to make their stay as enjoyable as possible, but lovely reviews and two new rewards were a great thank you for all of us. We were very lucky to not experience the Covid virus in our house but our thoughts are with everybody who has lost a family member or friend or suffered terribly by losing their job.

As much as I am ready to welcome in the new year, I am grateful for this crazy one and we are all looking forward to a better, more normal 2021.

We wish everybody a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year and we hope to welcome you again in 2021.

Big hugs

Uta & Jason

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