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A Girl named "Yoko"

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

After a year's wait we finally #welcomed a new family member to #Bowden #House B&B. Yoko, an 8 week old Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla girl moved in this week to take over the household. Full of beans, she has us all running around, pandering to her every whim. Our majestic Flatcoated Retriever "Sir Elgin" was not amused .......but slowly, slowly he seems to be intrigued by our naughty puppy,...... who tries desperately to wrap him around her little paw.

Fortunately, he is of aristocratic bend (with incredible patience!) and until now he has forgiven her all her trespasses. We do hope that within the next few months these two will become great friends and little Yoko will enhance Elgin's life and make him feel young again.

This new family member keeps us on our toes - getting up at 4am in the morning to take her out, entertaining, walking and cuddling both dogs to keep them happy. A little tiring, but definitely worth the effort. :-)

We are so delighted to welcome her into our family.

We hope that our guests will forgive us any squeaks and barks that may be heard while we try to train our gorgeous new pooch ........and enjoy her as much as we do.

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