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The Life of a Bed and Breakfast Host in Melrose

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

A Review a Day keeps the Doctor away

Sometimes during the heat of the season, when your hands are tired from cleaning and you are struggling with a love-hate relationship of cooked breakfasts, you receive lovely reviews like these and remember why it’s all worth it.

Being a B&B Host in the Scottish Borders

Being a B and B host is truly one of the best jobs in the world (even if it comes with a lot of disinfectant!). From meeting new people from all over the world to seeing your guests returning happily from a day exploring the Scottish Borders - it really is a wonderfully rewarding job.

Things to do in Melrose

Luckily Melrose is the tourism hot spot in the Scottish Borders and has so much to offer from the Melrose Abbey (the final resting place of the heart of Robert the Bruce) to Abbotsford House, Floors Castle and a huge amount of outdoor activities. Fancy fishing for salmon in the river Tweed? Picnicking on the Eildon Hills? Or even attempting the beautiful long-distance St. Cuthbert’s Way to Holy Island? Melrose has got it all - from culture to shopping - walking, cycling and golf.

No wonder that Melrose hotels, bed and breakfasts and guest houses are in high demand and everybody is very eager to please their guests. From a warm welcome to clean rooms, comfy beds, extensive breakfast choices and personal recommendations – we all try to make our visitors’ stay as comfortable and memorable as possible.

Scottish Borders B&B Reviews

The reward of a happy guest raving about our B&B and even sometimes returning again the next year is priceless.

Thank you so much for your kind words, it makes all the hard work so worthwhile!

What job can better than making people happy on their holidays? :-)


"Best B&B or Guest House Experience"

We have just been nominated as regional finalist for the prestigious Scottish Thistle Awards 2022/23.

Please cross your fingers for us as the winner will be announced on October 27th. I will keep you posted.

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