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Happy Valentine's Day

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

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Again the 14th of February and the flower shops, jewellers and chocolatiers are congratulating themselves for successfully transforming this day into a "must buy" frenzy.

As much as I love roses and chocolate this commercialisation of a lovely idea makes me mad every year.

In a society where most of us have more than they need, we are almost bullied into spending even more money on things prove that we love and care for somebody.

Talking to my husband, we realised a long time ago that the most precious commodity nowadays is time. Time to enjoy each other, time to do things together that have been on the agenda for years, time without social media and TV and time to reflect where we stand in our relationship and where we want to go.

So for this Valentine's we will have a lovely meal out or cook together at home....and enjoy each others company with a good glass of wine (and who knows, I might sneak in a red rose as I am a hopeless romantic)

I wish all of you the time to appreciate your partner and spend this day together.

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