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Fairway Bliss: 7 Golf Courses to Explore in Bowden and the Scottish Borders

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Embrace fairway bliss and tee off on a golfing adventure like no other in the enchanting landscapes of Bowden and the Scottish Borders. Here at Bowden House B&B, we invite you to discover the hidden treasures of Scottish golfing. With a perfect blend of friendly locals, breathtaking views, exceptional value, and a selection of remarkable golf courses, this region is an idyllic retreat for golf enthusiasts. Pack your clubs, don your best golfing attire, and let us guide you through a golfer's dream itinerary.

1. Eyemouth - Where Nature Meets Golfing:

Golf meets nature at Eyemouth, a course blessed with a unique setting along the scenic coast. Picture yourself conquering the sixth hole, where your tee shot will soar over a deep gully to reveal stunning views of the crashing waves below. Renowned as 'Britain's Most Extraordinary Golf Hole,' this captivating challenge will leave you in awe. Furthermore, the 13th hole, aptly nicknamed the 'Hawkness Monster,' stands as one of Scotland's longest holes, guaranteeing a thrilling experience for golfers of all skill levels.

2. Hawick - Nearly 150 Years of History

Step into golfing history at Hawick, the oldest golf club in the Scottish Borders, tracing its roots back to 1877. Amidst this historic ambiance, you'll find a course of high quality and undeniable charm. Perched at an elevated location, Hawick treats golfers to mesmerising panoramas of the surrounding countryside, turning each round into a serene and picturesque journey. Let the spirit of golf's heritage guide your swings as you relish every moment at this charming golfing haven.

3. Roxburghe (Kelso) - A Championship Course:

Elegance meets championship golfing at Roxburghe in Kelso. As the Scottish Borders' first championship golf course, it has hosted esteemed events such as the Charles Church Scottish Seniors Open. Designed by the visionary Dave Thomas, Roxburghe boasts deep bunkers, sprawling greens, and a splendid backdrop that elevates your golfing experience. The grounds, owned by the Duke and Duchess of Roxburghe, exude an air of refinement, ensuring that your golfing adventure is truly unforgettable.

4. Macdonald Cardrona Resort (Peebles) - Greens of Perfection:

Discover the greens of perfection at Macdonald Cardrona Resort, a golfer's haven designed by Dave Thomas. This celebrated course is renowned for its immaculate greens that offer a golfer's paradise for players of all levels. Winding through lush fairways and picturesque landscapes, Macdonald Cardrona Resort guarantees an enjoyable and rewarding golfing escapade. It's an ideal choice for a rejuvenating golfing break where you can indulge in the tranquillity of nature while perfecting your golfing skills.

5. Woll Golf Course - 18-Holes Catering for All Skill Levels

The beautiful Woll Golf Course on the New Woll Estate boasts 18-holes and caters to players of all skills levels. Located near Selkirk, it is set amongst stunning greenery and provides a relaxing day out for golf enthusiasts and beginners alike. Golfers will appreciate the well-maintained facilities and the warm hospitality of the staff.

6. Torwoodlee Golf Course - Rolling Parkland near Galashiels

An 18 hole course set within a valley and surrounded by rolling parkland and the Scottish Borders scenery. Just outside Galashiels, it is nestled between the River Gala and the new Borders Railway line. This well-established club is known for its warm welcome and friendly atmosphere, making it a favourite among locals and visitors alike. The challenging yet fair design of the course ensures a rewarding experience for golfers of all abilities. For an unforgettable round of golf in a tranquil setting, don't miss the opportunity to tee off at Torwoodlee Golf Course.

7. Duns Golf Club - Historic Golfing Haven:

With a heritage dating back to 1894, Duns Golf Club is one of the oldest courses in the Scottish Borders. This scenic 18-hole course is set against a backdrop of rolling hills and breathtaking countryside views. Golfers will find themselves challenged by the undulating fairways and well-placed hazards, offering an exciting round for players of varying abilities. Experience golfing traditions and the beauty of the Scottish Borders at Duns Golf Club.

Unearth fairway bliss and set your sights on unforgettable golfing experiences in Bowden and the Scottish Borders. Each course presents a unique blend of challenges, history, and natural beauty that will leave you yearning for more. For more golf courses, take a look at this handy guide. At Bowden House B&B, we invite you to experience the warm hospitality, stunning views and joy of golf right on our doorstep. Book now for an unforgettable holiday!

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