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Exploring the Sacred: Uncovering the Abbeys of Bowden and the Scottish Borders

Join us as we explore the magnificent abbeys that have stood in the Scottish Borders surrounding Bowden House B&B since the 12th century. From the world-famous Melrose Abbey to the ethereal beauty of Dryburgh Abbey and the fascinating history of Jedburgh Abbey, these sacred sites offer an extraordinary glimpse into the past.

Melrose Abbey: Scotland's Most Famous Ruin

Immerse yourself in the legacy of Melrose Abbey, the most renowned ruin in Scotland. Founded in 1136 by David I for the Cistercian Order, this abbey suffered significant destruction at the hands of Richard II's English army in 1385. Today, its surviving remnants from the early 15th century offer unparalleled elegance. Admire the extraordinary exterior adorned with unique sculptures, including hobgoblins, cooks with ladles, and even a bagpipe-playing pig! Within the grounds, a commemorative carved stone plaque marks the supposed burial place of Robert the Bruce's heart. Make a day of it and take a look at the fascinating artefacts displayed in the Commendator's House.

Dryburgh Abbey: Beauty Amidst Ruins

Nestled amongst secluded woodland, the ethereal beauty of Dryburgh Abbey is often hailed as the most enchanting of the Border Abbeys, and you can really get a sense of the peace that made this such an attractive site for medieval monks. Founded in 1150, it became the premier house of the Premonstratensian order in Scotland. Despite enduring multiple fires, the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey remain remarkably intact, with beautiful Gothic architecture and intricate details standing the test of time. Notable burials, including David Eskrine, 11th Earl of Buchan, and the tomb of renowned writer Sir Walter Scott, make this a historically significant place to visit.

Jedburgh Abbey: A Fascinating Journey through History

Explore one of four great abbeys established in the Scottish Borders in the 1100s. Built over more than 70 years, Jedburgh Abbey is striking for its unusual mix of Romanesque and early Gothic architecture.

Jedburgh Abbey is one of the four great border abbeys founded by David I in the late 12th century. Striking for its mix of Romanesque and early Gothic architecture, it was built over more than 70 years. The abbey's visitor centre is a must, offering you the chance to explore its intriguing history in depth. You can then wander through the aromatic herb garden that surrounds the abbey and see first-hand the remains of cloister buildings that have been unearthed, including fascinating artefacts like the 12th-century 'Jedburgh comb' and an eighth-century shrine.

You can see why The Scottish Borders hold such a sacred heritage - offering peace and tranquility amongst breathtaking surroundings. With a stay at Bowden House B&B you can get a taste of this tranquility, sitting amongst uninterrupted views over the glorious Border countryside it is the perfect springboard for visiting the Abbeys of the Scottish Borders.

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